My experience with Lisa has been incredible.  I began my sessions with an open mind and not necessarily understanding what Shamanic healing was.  Lisa has undeniably helped me physically, emotionally, and has given me a complete new outlook on life. Whether our sessions are focused on physical energy healing, spiritual guidance and advice, or card readings, I always feel a sense of clarity in my life and a refreshed body when they are over.  Lisa has opened my eyes to the power of energy around and within our bodies and our strong connection with the earth, and I thank her so much for how she has helped me!
—A.R. Boulder


Lisa has worked with me for about 6 months. Through our work together, I have developed a much deeper, richer, and closer relationship with Spirit.  I have become aware of Spirit’s love and guidance in my life and feel incredibly grateful for this gift.  Additionally, I’ve noticed a subtle, yet powerful, change in my response to emotional drama.  I am no longer pulled into others’ drama and I don’t feel compelled to respond to it in any way.  It feels so wonderful to be stable and strong in my own person with clear boundaries of what is mine, what is someone else’s and how the drama can best be addressed for a win-win outcome.  Finally, the work with Lisa has brought me a much expanded and more open heart that spills over into all segments of my life. I am delighted and deeply thankful for having had this work with Lisa!  She is an amazing and gifted healer!
—S.R. Boulder


I am a true convert to energetic healing since I have been a client of Lisa’s.  I was not sure of what Shamanic practices entailed when I first came to her but have been thrilled at how quickly she can sense old injuries and truly change how I feel.  She has found old traumas that have left me in chronic pain and removed or changed the negative energy surrounding those areas.  I also feel a lovely clean powerful energy and great sense of well being when I leave a session.  Lisa brings so much to my life with her knowledge and skills, I can’t thank her enough.

—M.B.R. Boulder


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