Super, Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse


Today is a Supper Moon, a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse which translates to a bunch of power to move forward in our spiritual lives.
Has 2019 felt like a bunch of plates spinning in the air to you? It does to me and it is what I am hearing from you guys!
Does it feel like things are coming at you so fast that you don’t know which to focus on and as soon as you get to balancing one there are two more just as important spinning at you!
Such is the energy of 2019!
This is a roll up your sleeves kind of year that is very focused on showing up to clean up and clear out what is keeping us from the next step, the next upgrade in our lives.
We have the opportunity to upgrade everything if we are disciplined and willing to do our spiritual work.
My favorite part is that there is massive help available to help us to deepen our spiritual practices, our connection to Spirit, and to Essence.
This Super Moon with a Lunar Eclipse brings us a myriad of possibilities to create something new to leave the past behind if we do our work.
Take some time today to do a ritual to release any old, outdated ways you may have been thinking or behaving. Give it to Spirit and offer great prayers of thanks and gratitude for your new Self and way of Being. This is an especially awesome day to offer prayers of how you wish to be.
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