Thinning of the Veils/Healing Relationships and Ancestral Patterns

October Healing Special
“Thinning of the Veils”
Hi and Happy Fall!
It was another wonderful week of reconnecting with lots of you! Thank you! Many have asked if they can do multiple sessions for the $98 rate this month and the answer is Of Course! You can book as many sessions as you like and you can book gift sessions for others as well.
What is showing up in a big way recently is healing relationships, especially our ancestral patterns. Often when we feel off and we just can’t put our finger on why we feel weird or we have some quirky tape that keeps playing over and over in our head it’s because it is not our tape or our feeling at all!
This time of year the veil between the worlds is thinner than at any other time. The veil is an etheric layer that keeps you focused in the three-dimensional world and your five senses.
With shamanic healing work we can tap more easily into other realms and dimensions to clear stuck patterns, foreign energy and beings that don’t belong in your space.
This gives us great access for bringing you back to center, helping you feel more balanced and light in your life.
We can clear and reset your energy field so you feel more alive, connected to Source and in charge of your life.
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