Monthly Shamanic Events

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Shamanic Fire Ceremonies, Shamanic Healing Clinics, and Sweat Lodges

Sweat Lodge July 23, 6:30pm

Sweat lodges have been used throughout history as a means for people to gather together to say sacred prayers and to purify our hearts and souls in this cleansing ritual.  We seek to honor, balance and heal the feminine and the masculine aspects of ourselves through songs, prayers and a shamanic container so that we leave here more fully whole  to enjoy our lives and to spread our Light to everyone and to honor the Sacred Mother Earth.

Date: Saturday July 23, 6:30pm

Cost: $25

Please email Lisa to sign up and to receive an information sheet and release form at

Summer Solstice/Full Moon Fire Ceremony-

Monday June 20, 7:30-9:30pm

Join us each Full Moon as we gather at Fairy Glen Farm for a Shamanic Fire Ceremony.  Our Fire ceremony includes calling in the four directions, working with the healing energies of the sacred fire, the elements, power animals and totems of the land, 2 drum journeys, healing with sound and songs and teachings on the energies of the current Full Moon cycle.  Join us in celebrating the Full Moon’s power to heal us.

Date: Monday June 20
Time: 7:30-9:30 pm
Cost: $21
Fairy Glen Farm
1065 Cherryvale Road, Boulder 80303
Please RSVP to Lisa
or call 303-746-3439


Shamanic Healing Clinic

Friday June 17, 2-5pm

Blue Deer Healing of Boulder and the PowerPath in Sante Fe, NM are offering a Shamanic Healing Clinic in Boulder. This clinic is offered the third Friday of every month.

Shamanic healing/clearing is very helpful at this time when everything is being realigned. It’s a great way to clear, balance and restore. It works on spiritual and energetic levels in combination with our own will and choices. A session may include singing, drumming, rattling, feather work, extraction, massage work, and the ceremonial use of tobacco. If you are overly sensitive to smoke let us know in advance.

The clinic consists of 30 minute private healing sessions. Please call for an appointment.

For further information about shamanism, you can visit The PowerPath.

See Lisa’s practitioner listing on the practitioner page of The Power Path’s website.

It’s a wonderful site with lots of good information.

30 minute private healing sessions are $35 (cash, check).  It is necessary  to schedule an appointment for you private session.

Please schedule your appointment by emailing Lisa at

This is an excellent way to experience a shamanic healing session or come in for a tune up.

Healing Clinics are held at Fairy Glen Farm, 1065 Cherryvale Road, Boulder 80303

Past Events:


Wednesday November 19th, 2014
Making Body Butters
6:30pm – 8
Treat your skin well this winter with luscious Body Butter moisturizers.  In this class we will make a botanically rich body butter using all natural
ingredients and essential oils. Participants will take home a jar of
body moisturizer along with a handout of instructions and recipes.
Please bring cash or check payment to class.

New Year’s Day/New Moon Sweat Lodge

We will have a New Moon Sweat Lodge. Contact Lisa for more information.

Date: January 1, 2pm
Cost:  $25
Where: Fairy Glen Farm
1065 Cherryvale Rd
Please RSVP to Lisa
or call 303-746-3439

Group Breathwork

Date: TBA

Experience the awesome healing power of breath to transform your life!

Physical Benefits include:

Improved brain function
Lowers cortisol the “stress hormone”
Increases immunity
Increases antioxidant enzymes
Lowers blood cholesterol
Decreases the effects of depression

Breathwork not only heals the physical body, it supports the unraveling of limited beliefs, emotional patterns, physical blocks, imprints from birth, childhood, and past experiences from the cells of your body.

Improve your overall health and well being with the simplicity of your breath! Every breath we take is sacred, an opportunity to connect to our deepest essence. When we breathe fully and consciously we heal our hearts, minds and bodies as we open to the Divine in everything.

During our conscious group breathwork experience, you will be coached and guided through a specific circular breathing technique in order to experience the depth and power of your breath in a loving, safe and supportive environment.

July 27

Time: 3-5 pm
Cost: $21
Contact Lisa for more information
or call 303-746-3439

Past Events-Complete listing of past events on

Spring Equinox Fire Circle-Wednesday, March 20

Join us to celebrate the Spring Equinox to release the old and bring in the new. Winter has us in a deep internal mode and spring is the time to manifest all the plans, changes and intentions that we have been steeped in these past months.

We will use Shamanic ritual with the transformative power of the fire to extricate what no longer serves us and transmute it into powerful skills to fully express ourselves in our lives.

We will have Reiki Master and Sound Healer Lisa Bell

here to guide us in using our voices to heal ourselves, to open our hearts and to emerge back into the world the Best  Possible version of ourselves.
Date: March 20 7-9 pm
Place: Fairy Glen Farm
1065 Cherryvale Road, Boulder 80303
Cost: $21

Please RSVP to Lisa-
or call 303.746.3439


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