Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day!!
Hi there!

It has been fun and rewarding to work with so many configurations of family this year that have included working with lots of husbands, teenagers, a Great Dane, some ducks that were too scared to leave the back porch because of yucky stuff that needed clearing from the property!
Oh yes, there were also plenty of ancestors that wanted to be let go, clearing up attachments that kept them stuck and wreaking havoc in various ways. That helped everyone to Lighten Up!
….and maybe my favorite because it was sort of unusual – a senior parrot who needed to be acknowledged for his role in an expanding family! He needed to know he was still a valued and important family member amidst all the impending changes.
So if you are ready to shift more crapola out of your life and make more room for ease, growth and expansion this is the time to do it!
The energies of this year are tremendously supportive for spiritual growth. There is great help from Spirit to sort out and clean up our energy systems, beliefs, patterns and habits so we live our lives more aligned with Spirit.
Source Energy, which always feels better, makes you Lighter and freer in these times where everything is being realigned.
So for the month of February I offer you this gift with LOVE in hopes that it makes going through all the inevitable changes and shifts more gracefully, to help you feel more grounded for the growth and expansion this year that is bringing our way.
1 Hr Healing Session ~ $108 or3 1 HR Sessions ~ $315
Many people are finding three sessions over the course of a month or two to be very helpful. I find it’s a good way to go deeper into your healing work and clear what is holding you stuck in anxiety, frustration, apathy or just plain cleaning up your energy field so navigating life is easier.
Three sessions is a very popular choice if you are ready to make some profound changes.
I Love You All and am so grateful for your presence in my life!Big Blessings and Prayers!!
And Happy Valentine’s Day!!Lisa Bluedeer

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