Happy Thanksgiving

Here we are again at the official kickoff week to the Holiday Season. This week I am sending you a mini healing video to help you get centered and bring you back to your heart.
Personally, I love this season because it is so beautiful and people are focused on being kind and sharing more than any other time of the year but it is definitely a season where we can benefit from continuing to center in our hearts.
This little ritual will help you navigate the Holiday Season…..and into 2019. Remember the weeks around the Winter Solstice
(Dec 21st) are the darkest days of the year so are very conducive to facilitate healing work.
Whatever feelings this season brings up for you whether it is Love, joy and communion or the opposite end of the spectrum-
feelings of overwhelm, loneliness or being misunderstood by loved ones this 2 minute shamanic Blessing video will help you to be centered and more peaceful.
So if you want to feel better now give this a try… it’s only 2 minutes!
Click on Video to enjoy!
Blessing something is the best way I know to the raise your vibration and shift things into a higher consciousness. It’s Law. You can Trust it!
This is the first of several 2-3 minute videos I will be doing on simple shamanic tools to raise your vibration. I will be writing more on my experience walking a shamanic path for 30 years and giving you brief and hopefully helpful tools to put in your own toolbox for healing yourself.
The energy you invest in your spiritual practices and healing work now while the veils are this thin is AMPLIFIED many times over…
It is definitely a Love/Hate kinda season where most of us feel strongly one way or the other! So I hope this simple shamanic healing tool from my personal toolbox is helpful to you to bring you back to center! Use it often!
If you would like a copy of this mini healing video please send me an email and I’ll send you a copy.
What do you say? Are you ready for the next level in your life? Let’s do it!
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