Happy New Moon, Happy Imbolc!!

Happy New Moon, Happy Imbolc!!
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Hi All,
We are in a sweet little container of time right now that includes the New Moon yesterday, Chinese New Year today and the pagan holiday Imbolc a few days ago. Each of these events celebrate a new beginning that marks the half point between Winter Solstice and Equinox in March.
It is the liminal time, or the time between the worlds that shamans have always recognized as having the most power to receive wisdom and make transformation in their lives.
When you think about it the other directions of the medicine wheel, the East, South and West (which correspond roughly with the seasons) involve more action like planting seeds, growing them to full bloom and then harvesting their worth.
The North is the time we go inside and listen. It is a time to learn new ways to improve our skills at navigating this life in a better way, more aligned with Spirit. 
On a deeper level the North is about accumulating personal power. It is about gaining focus and clarity to listen deeply to where we put our attention and our thoughts. It teaches us tools to transform into more present and powerful beings in our lives.
The most profound skill the North can teach us is to be still so that we attract the lessons we are here to experience this lifetime. To stand right where we are and magnetize to us the journey that gives us the highest and best possibilities this incarnation can offer us. 
Shamans have used this liminal time to get stronger emotionally, to expand their consciousness and personal power so that they can navigate life with agility and ease. To earn spiritual leanness that allows the next best step in their life to come forth.
How is this time going for you? Do you feel like you are learning focus, clarity and good stewardship of this thing called your life? Are you able to enjoy the higher centered times this window of time brings us?
If you would like to go deeper, to learn more about how you can glean the lessons the North has to teach you I would be delighted to be your humble guide in this work.
Big Love and Blessings,Lisa
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