Happy New Moon/Cracking Hearts

I’d like to give you Something to make you Smile, Something to make you Think and a Gift to Take Away.


I am Thank Full to my very core to be working with so many of you again! It’s been fun and eye opening to see the bravery and courage you have and the lengths you are willing to go to to heal. So I am extending the Healing Special til Thanksgiving!!
You deserve it and it is such an honor to work with you.
So here goes the thinking part: If the last few weeks of sessions has shown me anything it is that we are all putting on a bit. That we are getting too expert at hiding what’s going on inside us.
How many of us are weary of hearing ourselves use the pat response,
“I’m fine…”, “I’m doing great” or “Things are good.” …
while inside what you really feel is pain?
In healing sessions these past weeks I keep seeing the image of a broken heart. A real, physical heart with a crack running right through it. I’m here to tell you we can heal the crack and arrest the patterns that caused it!
Most of you know that 6 weeks ago I came out of a two year sabbatical and reached out to you in this newsletter.
For sure, my time off would be called a dark night of the soul that took me deeper than I ever imagined possible. It was necessary to heal myself, to go to places sometimes unthinkable to heal and rebuild to bring forth more impactful ways to help you do the same. (more on the dark night piece coming in alter newsletters)
The truth is that we can heal the split off parts of ourselves. We can unravel the old patterns that are keeping us in the rote responses that come out of our mouths too often covering up the truth.
The wounds that begin in our childhood or lifetimes ago that, like a sore toe, keep getting bumped again and again until they crack us open a little bit. And the crack gets big enough and painful enough that we are forced to pay attention. The fears, hurts and rejections that scarred us can be healed with shamanic healing work.
So here we are at the New Moon again. Time for new beginnings in this naturally darker time of year. We get a new chance to begin again in the massively feminine energy that we are in.
We are birthing something new in ourselves and on our planet.. We are being given the courage and the tools to go in and mine out the layers of protection we have built around our hearts.
What do you say? Are you ready for the next level in your life? Let’s do it!

Love who you are

We can all use another smile can’t we?
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