Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day!!
Hi there!

It has been fun and rewarding to work with so many configurations of family this year that have included working with lots of husbands, teenagers, a Great Dane, some ducks that were too scared to leave the back porch because of yucky stuff that needed clearing from the property!
Oh yes, there were also plenty of ancestors that wanted to be let go, clearing up attachments that kept them stuck and wreaking havoc in various ways. That helped everyone to Lighten Up!
….and maybe my favorite because it was sort of unusual – a senior parrot who needed to be acknowledged for his role in an expanding family! He needed to know he was still a valued and important family member amidst all the impending changes.
So if you are ready to shift more crapola out of your life and make more room for ease, growth and expansion this is the time to do it!
The energies of this year are tremendously supportive for spiritual growth. There is great help from Spirit to sort out and clean up our energy systems, beliefs, patterns and habits so we live our lives more aligned with Spirit.
Source Energy, which always feels better, makes you Lighter and freer in these times where everything is being realigned.
So for the month of February I offer you this gift with LOVE in hopes that it makes going through all the inevitable changes and shifts more gracefully, to help you feel more grounded for the growth and expansion this year that is bringing our way.
1 Hr Healing Session ~ $108 or3 1 HR Sessions ~ $315
Many people are finding three sessions over the course of a month or two to be very helpful. I find it’s a good way to go deeper into your healing work and clear what is holding you stuck in anxiety, frustration, apathy or just plain cleaning up your energy field so navigating life is easier.
Three sessions is a very popular choice if you are ready to make some profound changes.
I Love You All and am so grateful for your presence in my life!Big Blessings and Prayers!!
And Happy Valentine’s Day!!Lisa Bluedeer

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Happy New Moon, Happy Imbolc!!

Happy New Moon, Happy Imbolc!!
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Hi All,
We are in a sweet little container of time right now that includes the New Moon yesterday, Chinese New Year today and the pagan holiday Imbolc a few days ago. Each of these events celebrate a new beginning that marks the half point between Winter Solstice and Equinox in March.
It is the liminal time, or the time between the worlds that shamans have always recognized as having the most power to receive wisdom and make transformation in their lives.
When you think about it the other directions of the medicine wheel, the East, South and West (which correspond roughly with the seasons) involve more action like planting seeds, growing them to full bloom and then harvesting their worth.
The North is the time we go inside and listen. It is a time to learn new ways to improve our skills at navigating this life in a better way, more aligned with Spirit. 
On a deeper level the North is about accumulating personal power. It is about gaining focus and clarity to listen deeply to where we put our attention and our thoughts. It teaches us tools to transform into more present and powerful beings in our lives.
The most profound skill the North can teach us is to be still so that we attract the lessons we are here to experience this lifetime. To stand right where we are and magnetize to us the journey that gives us the highest and best possibilities this incarnation can offer us. 
Shamans have used this liminal time to get stronger emotionally, to expand their consciousness and personal power so that they can navigate life with agility and ease. To earn spiritual leanness that allows the next best step in their life to come forth.
How is this time going for you? Do you feel like you are learning focus, clarity and good stewardship of this thing called your life? Are you able to enjoy the higher centered times this window of time brings us?
If you would like to go deeper, to learn more about how you can glean the lessons the North has to teach you I would be delighted to be your humble guide in this work.
Big Love and Blessings,Lisa
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Super, Full Moon with Lunar Eclipse


Today is a Supper Moon, a Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse which translates to a bunch of power to move forward in our spiritual lives.
Has 2019 felt like a bunch of plates spinning in the air to you? It does to me and it is what I am hearing from you guys!
Does it feel like things are coming at you so fast that you don’t know which to focus on and as soon as you get to balancing one there are two more just as important spinning at you!
Such is the energy of 2019!
This is a roll up your sleeves kind of year that is very focused on showing up to clean up and clear out what is keeping us from the next step, the next upgrade in our lives.
We have the opportunity to upgrade everything if we are disciplined and willing to do our spiritual work.
My favorite part is that there is massive help available to help us to deepen our spiritual practices, our connection to Spirit, and to Essence.
This Super Moon with a Lunar Eclipse brings us a myriad of possibilities to create something new to leave the past behind if we do our work.
Take some time today to do a ritual to release any old, outdated ways you may have been thinking or behaving. Give it to Spirit and offer great prayers of thanks and gratitude for your new Self and way of Being. This is an especially awesome day to offer prayers of how you wish to be.

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Solstice to You!
One of the most valuable tools I’ve learned in a lifetime of shamanic study is following the cycles of the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel is a circle divided into four sections each occupied by one of the four cardinal directions, East, South, West and North.
The winter Solstice is this Friday December 21 at 2:23PM PT and is the gate that moves us from the west into the direction of the north on the Medicine Wheel.
The west teaches us about releasing and letting go of our attachments and the things that have served us (or not!) back to pachamama, Mother Earth to prepare us for the inner work of the North.
As we move to the direction of the North, from a shamanic perspective, it’s all about using the increased darkness and going into the available stillness to build strength and personal power.
Everything naturally slows down so we can work deeply with Spirit to rebuild ourselves, learn new skills, heal our ancestry, reset and integrate all the work we have done this year. It’s been a challenging year to say the least so this inner time is richly deserved.
Many of us are reeling a little bit trying to find our new center.
Use this time in the North from Solstice to Equinox to bring things into perspective and create a plan with Spirit to emerge stronger. It is our duty as Bearers of the Light to upgrade ourselves so we live a happier life, a more helpful life.
I’ll be offering a class in January to help realign our physical bodies using the Whole 30 eating plan along with a myriad of practices to enhance and upgrade self care and nurturing, ultimately to Love ourselves more and be more Light filled. Hope you can join me.
Please email me if you are interested in joining a group to get some support to loose pounds and have lots of fun doing it.

New Roses, New Roses, New Roses

The energy of this month is mostly about inner work which is funny because this may be the most social month of the year. Holiday celebrations, family gatherings, neighborhood get togethers, school events, office parties, volunteering (oh my!) throw us into situations with people we might find…um, how do I say this politely? Oh heck with etiquette, they can darn near rub us raw!
I was at a luncheon the other day which was designed for each person to share a little about themselves and what they did so we could get to know one another. There was one person who dominated about a third of the meeting singing philosophical about how great they are. ARGHH!!
I felt totally triggered and a little bullied by their selfishness to take up so much time but mostly because I wanted to hear what the dozen or so other people there had to share.
As I sat there fuming I remembered a little technique I read recently that suggested how to turn your merciless, aggravating thoughts into a little game and begin thinking the words New Roses!!
(Sounds a little like the word neurosis, doesn’t it?)
By mentally repeating this little ditty of a phrase we can we literally raise our vibration and change the frequency of the room!
New Roses, New Roses, New Roses! Sounds silly but let’s look a little deeper.
Roses are said to be the highest vibration on Earth. They are the symbols for the Divine healing energy of Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene. Their scent is often referred as Divine! Heaven on Earth.
The word new creates a sense of freshness and inspires a turn over what our current thoughts are.
Words are the essence of God Source in the physical and imagining high vibration images in our mind is proven to shift our awareness and elevate our thoughts and perceptions.
This is what a shaman does for the tribe. They pay attention and through self discipline and calm observation they find ways to raise the vibration of what is causing ill to themselves, their client, the tribe and therefore the collective.
As we do this in our own lives we shift our perspectives, we redirect our minds to a place of more personal peace and calm.
Give the New Roses mantra a try when you find yourself in stressful situations or interactions this month. It will raise your vibration and create new neuropathways in your brain that support loving thoughts.
There are many wonderful books and courses on this subject and but DOING your own personal work through experiencing it is the only real way to create change in your life.
This month there is a tremendous opportunity to shift your own energy field and clear the patterns that cause these triggers in the first place. Sound good? You game??
Awesome! I am here to help you in any way I can.
I would love to be of service to you and help you come back into alignment stronger, feeling more grounded and seeing things more clearly. Email me to schedule a healing session and let’s get you back on track. I hope to hear from you soon.
Big Love and Blessings,

Happy Thanksgiving

Here we are again at the official kickoff week to the Holiday Season. This week I am sending you a mini healing video to help you get centered and bring you back to your heart.
Personally, I love this season because it is so beautiful and people are focused on being kind and sharing more than any other time of the year but it is definitely a season where we can benefit from continuing to center in our hearts.
This little ritual will help you navigate the Holiday Season…..and into 2019. Remember the weeks around the Winter Solstice
(Dec 21st) are the darkest days of the year so are very conducive to facilitate healing work.
Whatever feelings this season brings up for you whether it is Love, joy and communion or the opposite end of the spectrum-
feelings of overwhelm, loneliness or being misunderstood by loved ones this 2 minute shamanic Blessing video will help you to be centered and more peaceful.
So if you want to feel better now give this a try… it’s only 2 minutes!
Click on Video to enjoy!
Blessing something is the best way I know to the raise your vibration and shift things into a higher consciousness. It’s Law. You can Trust it!
This is the first of several 2-3 minute videos I will be doing on simple shamanic tools to raise your vibration. I will be writing more on my experience walking a shamanic path for 30 years and giving you brief and hopefully helpful tools to put in your own toolbox for healing yourself.
The energy you invest in your spiritual practices and healing work now while the veils are this thin is AMPLIFIED many times over…
It is definitely a Love/Hate kinda season where most of us feel strongly one way or the other! So I hope this simple shamanic healing tool from my personal toolbox is helpful to you to bring you back to center! Use it often!
If you would like a copy of this mini healing video please send me an email and I’ll send you a copy.
What do you say? Are you ready for the next level in your life? Let’s do it!

Happy New Moon/Cracking Hearts

I’d like to give you Something to make you Smile, Something to make you Think and a Gift to Take Away.


I am Thank Full to my very core to be working with so many of you again! It’s been fun and eye opening to see the bravery and courage you have and the lengths you are willing to go to to heal. So I am extending the Healing Special til Thanksgiving!!
You deserve it and it is such an honor to work with you.
So here goes the thinking part: If the last few weeks of sessions has shown me anything it is that we are all putting on a bit. That we are getting too expert at hiding what’s going on inside us.
How many of us are weary of hearing ourselves use the pat response,
“I’m fine…”, “I’m doing great” or “Things are good.” …
while inside what you really feel is pain?
In healing sessions these past weeks I keep seeing the image of a broken heart. A real, physical heart with a crack running right through it. I’m here to tell you we can heal the crack and arrest the patterns that caused it!
Most of you know that 6 weeks ago I came out of a two year sabbatical and reached out to you in this newsletter.
For sure, my time off would be called a dark night of the soul that took me deeper than I ever imagined possible. It was necessary to heal myself, to go to places sometimes unthinkable to heal and rebuild to bring forth more impactful ways to help you do the same. (more on the dark night piece coming in alter newsletters)
The truth is that we can heal the split off parts of ourselves. We can unravel the old patterns that are keeping us in the rote responses that come out of our mouths too often covering up the truth.
The wounds that begin in our childhood or lifetimes ago that, like a sore toe, keep getting bumped again and again until they crack us open a little bit. And the crack gets big enough and painful enough that we are forced to pay attention. The fears, hurts and rejections that scarred us can be healed with shamanic healing work.
So here we are at the New Moon again. Time for new beginnings in this naturally darker time of year. We get a new chance to begin again in the massively feminine energy that we are in.
We are birthing something new in ourselves and on our planet.. We are being given the courage and the tools to go in and mine out the layers of protection we have built around our hearts.
What do you say? Are you ready for the next level in your life? Let’s do it!

Love who you are

We can all use another smile can’t we?

Do You Have Entities in Your Space?

How do you know if you have entities in your space?
Do you feel “off”, do you often ask yourself questions like, “why do I feel this way?” or “I don’t know why I did that” or worse, “why do I keep doing that thing or thinking that thought that causes me so much misery.” These thoughts are a good indication there is something else besides you in your space!
This isn’t something to be terrified about. Honestly, most every healing I do includes removal of some sort of foreign energy or being. The maladies are very common and relatively easy to remove.
This week we have Halloween, Samhain and All Hallows Eve which each have a common thread of spirits being more accessible this time of year.
Simply put, when the veils are thinnest we can access other dimensions to clear these beings more easily but it goes both ways! They can access us more easily as well.
Samhain is an ancient Celtic harvest celebration. As they days grew short, food was harvested and stored for winter, cattle were brought down from the high pastures and end of October was time for a full day and night of merrymaking, sacred ritual and honoring of the Spirits of the dead and from the other worlds.
The Samhain customs and rituals were designed for propitiation, or to gain favor and protection from disembodied spirits, fairies, nature spirits and entities that they feared would cause them a severe winter, lack of enough food or difficulty with family, health or relationships to name a few.
In Medieval times when Christianity replaced paganism All Hallows Eve emerged as a day to honor the Saints who who had passed over. Halloween is something of a modern day twist of Samhain and All Hallows where we dress up as ghouls and goblins or our most bawdry and provocative self to have great fun before the cold, winter nights set in.
But back to the serious business of ghost busting (sorry I couldn’t resist!) If we are not having some fun then what the heck is this all for anyway?….
OK, so there are many different types and origins of beings that can and do invade our space on a regular basis. Clearing these energies and raising our vibration can be a huge relief in your life and a return of energy that’s been highjacked by forces beyond yourself. In other words, you feel more whole again, and you are!
A simple technique to clear Beings on your own is:
1. Sit in a quiet place and take a few deep, centering breaths.
2. Call in assistance from a high Light being such as God, Source Energy, Supreme Being, Jesus, Mother Mary, or Kuan Yin for example.
3. Ask their help to Declare that any beings, entities or foreign energy be cleared from your space Now.
4.Tell the beings they are forgiven and are being sent back to the Light and that you are breaking any agreements you have with them.
5. Take a few moments to feel your center. Thank your Guide from the Light who helped you and ask for the reassignment of the being to the Light.
This is a good practice to do morning and night to clear your energy field and bring you more into the present moment.
These are good steps to take everyday. As the busyness and craziness of our world unsettles us and takes us off center these opportunistic entities prey on us. You are doing them a service by sending them back to the Light. There they are reassigned to appropriate places where they can continue their own healing and evolution. So it is a win-win for both of you!
If you are feeling out of sorts and you can’t write put your finger on why it might be time for a some healing work. If you have asked yourself the questions mentioned above it could very well be beings in your space. If you would like help clearing them and getting back to your center I would be delighted to work with you.

Happy Full Moon/2nd Chakra Healing

Uh-oh! This weeks full moon is gonna be a doozey! It’s likely to bring up some of our oldest patterns in ways that even the most centered of us will be thrown off kilter. (Un)Fortunately the heavens are aligned to throw us curve balls designed to unsettle and shake up the stuff we have buried and tried to hide. So hold on….
Often our oldest hurts often have to do with the Mother, how we were mothered and how we mother or nurture ourselves.
I went on a girls camping trip to the Oregon Coast this weekend and pretty much all the deeper conversations had to do with some aspect of mother and/or relationships with family, and people closest to us.
We spoke about how we were mothered (or not), how we have chosen relationships time and again trying to get the mothering or nurturing our own mothers couldn’t give us…..and how those choices have steered the course of our lives.
Now, it is up to us to learn how to nurture ourselves on a deeper level than we have ever known before. There is tremendous benefit for us to go into the hidden patterns to heal the divine feminine.
This summer I spent a week in British Colombia learning shamanic ritual in the African Bwiti tradition. I learned how to completely reorient the 2nd chakra, our feminine expression center, by accessing the sacred techniques of the Divine Feminine.
There are many shamanic tools and rituals to help birth new possibilities in ourselves. One of the best ways is to clear and heal our 2nd chakras. Also, woking with the relationship between the 2nd and 3rd chakras to align the masculine/feminine balance in ourselves.
The energy this week offers us a way through these challenges.
Learning and practicing balance with the sacred feminine healing techniques teaches us to respond differently and helps us make the proverbial lemonade out of this crazy full moon energy by choosing to allow our sensuality and passion to emerge while at the same time grounding and dancing into our sacred feminine.
I wish you the greatest hope and peace on your journey in this challenging week. If issues around the Mother/Feminine, Balance and getting cleared and centered to feel deeply rooted and make better choices on your path I’d be honored to work with you.

Thinning of the Veils/Healing Relationships and Ancestral Patterns

October Healing Special
“Thinning of the Veils”
Hi and Happy Fall!
It was another wonderful week of reconnecting with lots of you! Thank you! Many have asked if they can do multiple sessions for the $98 rate this month and the answer is Of Course! You can book as many sessions as you like and you can book gift sessions for others as well.
What is showing up in a big way recently is healing relationships, especially our ancestral patterns. Often when we feel off and we just can’t put our finger on why we feel weird or we have some quirky tape that keeps playing over and over in our head it’s because it is not our tape or our feeling at all!
This time of year the veil between the worlds is thinner than at any other time. The veil is an etheric layer that keeps you focused in the three-dimensional world and your five senses.
With shamanic healing work we can tap more easily into other realms and dimensions to clear stuck patterns, foreign energy and beings that don’t belong in your space.
This gives us great access for bringing you back to center, helping you feel more balanced and light in your life.
We can clear and reset your energy field so you feel more alive, connected to Source and in charge of your life.